How to earn money from YouTube

 How to earn money from YouTube Step by Step

People all over the world find thousands of ways to earn money, but some are right in them but some are not right in them, so today we will give you complete information about how to earn money from YouTube, absolutely Real Earnings.

We will tell you how you can earn money from YouTube sitting at home. You can earn a lot from YouTube sitting at home. YouTube Online is the best way to earn money. With this, you also get YouTube Fan Following.

Many people use YouTube for Entertainment or Study. So you have to make good videos here. And you have to post, according to the number of YouTube Video Views you get, you get paid.



Before starting YouTube Carrier, you have to choose your topic on YouTube Niche, which type of videos you are going to put on YouTube, this topic depends on your hobby because the things you like to do, make similar videos. You can get success in this very easily.

In this, this topic can be anything like Tech Tips, Blogging, Comedy, Mobile Reviews,  Funny Videos, travel video, etc.


How to make a YouTube channel

For a YouTube channel, you first need a YouTube account. And to create a YouTube account, you need an e-mail. You can create an e-mail id by visiting Gmail's website. This is very easy. Only you have to do mobile OTP verification after filling in your information. Your account will be created. After this, you have to log in to YouTube with your e-mail id and password. You are ready for YouTube.

After that you have to log in with your Email-Id, after that, you have to create YouTube Channel, for which by clicking on the profile symbol, click on Create a Channel, from here you can create a YouTube channel.


How to select the channel name

You can easily watch windows on YouTube. But when you upload videos. So you have to follow the YouTube Policy Guideline. YouTube only sports that channel. Which follows their policies and guidelines. YouTube regularly checks that your channel is following its policies and guidelines. Or not, if you do not follow the policy, then YouTube can block your channel without any information.

The first step to earn from YouTube is the YouTube channel name; you can name your YouTube channel with your mail-id. With this, you can also run it under your own name. And later if you want you can change this name. The more the name is unique, the more people will see your channel.


Uploading videos on YouTube

Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. That's why you need to make different types of videos so you increase the views of your videos. People got interested in seeing. Also, keep in mind that the quality of the videos should also be good.

People dislike bad video quality. For this, you can buy a good phone or even a camera. That will help you in making videos. After making videos you can edit. And later you can upload it to YouTube. You also have to keep in mind that videos should be uploaded continuously on your channel so that the user remains active on your channel. You can activate your user by uploading 2 or 3 videos in a week.

To upload videos on YouTube, when you log in on YouTube, an option comes in front of you Upload New Video; you can easily upload videos from that.


How to get YouTube views

While uploading the video upload on the channel, keep the title of the video in such a way that it is clickable so that you feel like watching the video as soon as you see it. And the thumbnail of the video should also be attractive. Also, write the video description. Due to which the user can get a lot of information.

You can give some knowledge related to the video in the description. And you can also tell about yourself to your user, you can also put the link of your social platform in the description. The user is in constant contact with you. While uploading videos, take special care of tagging too. It is also important to take care of designing the YouTube channel page. Because it becomes the look of your channel.


How to Increase YouTube Subscriber

YouTube subscribe shows how famous your channel is. YouTube channel grows not only by bringing views. Whenever a person with knowledge visits your channel. So he sees the subscriber first. Which reveals. Where does your channel stand?

To increase YouTube subscribers, first of all, you have to make your channel looking good enough. Then you have to continue uploading the videos. The quality of the videos should also be very clear. Which the user should not face any problem in viewing. You should be uploading 2 to 3 videos in 1 week. So that your user remains active on your channel.

Overall, if you want to increase subscribers, then you have to give quality videos either from entertainment or from any information. And second, you have to upload videos on your channel from time to time. With this simple trick, your subscribers will start increasing gradually.


How to make money from YouTube

There are many ways to earn money from YouTube-like

  •  Ad sense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Channel promotion
  • Promote and sell your own products

It comes after doing all this work. That's How to make money from youtube so that we can fulfill our needs. See, there are many options to earn money from YouTube. But that is decided by where the stand of your channel is. But you can earn money from Sponsorship and Google Ad Sense.

Google AdSense

For earning, it is not necessary just to upload videos on YouTube and start earning. It takes time for this. You cannot earn money from YouTube until your channel is monetized by YouTube. You have to fulfill some policies for monetization

 Let us tell you that to earn on YouTube, there should be 10 thousand views from the minimum. But under the new policy, in the last 12 months, videos on your channel should be played for at least 4 thousand hours. Apart from this, your channel should have 1000 subscribers to work. When you have completed both these tasks, then you can apply for Monetization. After getting recognition from monetization, you can earn money from youtube.


Affiliate Marketing

Second, you can also make money through Affiliate Marketing, follow these steps for that.

First of all, you have to choose the products related to your videos.

For the selected products, one has to join the Affiliate Program of the better company.

Referral link of products has to be generated from Affiliate Account.

Referral links of products have to be added to the description of videos.

Now you have to tell about the products in your videos and recommend buying from the link of the description.

If your Subscribers and Viewers buy Products from Referral Link then you will get a good commission.

The money received in the Commission comes to your Affiliate Account, which you can send to the Bank Account.

 If you are a YouTube or want to earn money by becoming a YouTube, then this method is very good for you.


How to get money from YouTube and how much

After getting Ad-sense Monetization Approval, you go to your Google Ad-sense website. Here you have to log in with your Gmail id. And submit your bank details, your address and some other information. After this, you will have to put Google ads on your videos. By which you will be able to earn. All the earning will come in your Ad-sense account which you can easily see in your account.

YouTube will send you the first payment when you finish your $100. Which you can easily put in your bank account. You get paid in different ways for each ad.

Before knowing the information that how to earn money from YouTube, this question definitely comes to the mind of all the people that how much money can be earned by working on YouTube but let us tell you that when you start YouTube, you cannot even think. How much money can you earn from YouTube?


How will you get the payment?

 After getting Monetization Approval, you have to enable monetization in every video. Enable Monetization in the Edit Video option. After enabling monetization, google ads will be shown on your videos. From which you can earn. Apart from this, you can also earn money from YouTube in different ways. If your channel gets a lot of views. And the subscriber is also very high. So you can earn big money even by marketing a company.

Earn money from youtube. 45% of that goes to YouTube. And 55% share will come to you. This earning is done through the advertisement coming on your channel. Then you get this ad. When the views come on your channel.


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